The Desire Line


Pop-up Book of Death



our bodies are beauty inducers

our bodies are beauty inducers is a fantastic and fantastical exploration of gender and the physical ground upon which it plays. hastain’s words explode the amorphous domain where bodies and beauty meet. Electrifying and kinetic, hastain’s work shatters and reassembles the physical into intersecting recombinant zones of meaning: the physical induces beauty in the eyes… Read more »


Me No Habla With Acento: Contemporary Latino Poetry

This anthology of contemporary Latino poetry celebrates the rich mosaic of a major arts movement within the United States featuring poets and spoken word artists from across the country. Pages are filled with English, Spanglish, and even Spanish, but the unifying theme throughout this uncompromising book is the great oral tradition and diversity of a… Read more »


Zero Division

Author Bio Joseph M. Gant is a glassblower by trade. Though he holds a degree in Scientific Glass Technology, his life’s study has encompassed many variables. A long-time student of Tibetan religion and culture, science buff, musician, and lover of world literature, Joseph is ultimately a writer. His work has appeared across the spectrum of… Read more »



As tender as it is fierce, Christopher Soden’s Closer takes you through an emotional landscape, rich with vivid imagery and poignant observations. It is by turns somber and sanguine, erotic and erudite, sometimes touched by giddy loopiness. Drawing on predecessors from ancient Greece to his Beatnik forebears, Soden’s confessional narratives tap directly into an intense worldview, an… Read more »


It Ain’t Truth If It Doesn’t Hurt

Poetry by Brandon Lacy Campos & Artwork by David Berube   It Ain’t Truth If It Doesn’t Hurt is spoken word artist Brandon Lacy Campos’ first collection of poetic works that stretch, snap, engage, top, bottom, flip, and serve the intersections of race, class, sexual orientation, gender, lust, love, sex, HIV, and politics.   From… Read more »


Pier Queen

Photographs by Richard Renaldi Self-published as a chapbook in 1997, Pier Queen launched the career of spoken word artist and poet Emanuel Xavier with classics such as “Tradiciones” and “Nueva York”- both featured on Russell Simmons presents Def Poetry- and other poems which captured the voice of a generation of queer people of color. For… Read more »


Grand Mal

klipschutz writes in his introduction:   Dennis Mahagin took the long way around: for years an itinerant bass player and aspiring songwriter, one day he unplugged and went solo, to make music out of language on the page. When he started writing poems, he never looked back. It is our good fortune that he didn’t,… Read more »