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Zero Division

Published Date: August 26, 2016

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Zero Division is the debut poetry collection from writer Joseph M. Gant. The poems here make no apologies and take no prisoners. With focus on the short form, Zero Division delivers poetry that ranges from introspectively spiritual to unabashedly outraged. This is a book of examinations and exclamations, truth disguised as fiction, and fiction disguised as truth. Joseph M. Gant leaves a pound of flesh between the covers of Zero Division; The poems beg the reader not merely to consume, but to digest what is offered here.

Author Bio

Joseph M. Gant is a glassblower by trade. Though he holds a degree in Scientific Glass Technology, his life’s study has encompassed many variables. A long-time student of Tibetan religion and culture, science buff, musician, and lover of world literature, Joseph is ultimately a writer. His work has appeared across the spectrum of small press zines and academic journals. He currently lives in the Philadelphia area where he edits poetry for a handful of publications and works on his novel.

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