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Year of the Rooster

Published Date: August 26, 2016

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Johnny Means used to make a living.


Now he has a Life.


Sick and tired of the revolving door, the same old jobs, the same feeling of faceless anonymity at work, the mind numbing grind, Johnny is inthe mood for mutiny. And he’s going to do something about it. He wants his revolution. He’s had his wake up call, and now he’s going to send a message to The Man.


With the rawness and grit of an untreated wound Year of the Rooster explores one man’s powerlessness and his passage to the heights of power. It taps into the psyche of the masses. The boredom, the pressure to consume, ignorance of the subconscious… and the lies we tell ourselves to distract from the ugliness of reality.

Year of the Rooster dismantles the illusions of security, predictabilityand anonymity that pacify humankind. It exposes common incarcerating binds of society. Greed. The Cubicle Effect. Our contentious relationship with money.


Stalked by the unbearable heaviness of Being, Johnny Means hunts his own prey: The Meaning of Life.

Author Bio

Trevor C. Smith is an artist in as many facets as he can manage. He is a commissioned painter and a tattoo artist. He is a graduate of the University of Hard Knocks with honors. Trevor lives in Toronto with his family. Year of the Rooster is his fi rst novel. For more information visit his website at


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