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Three Sevens

Published Date: July 20, 2010

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Three Sevens, a story of ancient initiations, by the Phelons. Originally published in 1895, Three Sevens is one ofthe classic occult novels of the latter 19th century. According to the original ad copy: “Three Sevens is a work full of meat for those who can read between the lines, and the intended lessons will lead such into the illumination of Supreme Truth, Divine Unity and Harmony of the Great Soul. One is brought into rapport with the. spiritual of fiat lux. The authors endeavor to show from whence we come, whether we go, what we may attain to, and how we way become one with the Infinite. Read and study the book, and then act. Seven chapters — the exoteric, the esoteric, the spiritual — and the Light will come to you; ‘I, too, am waiting,’ for more light.” 

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