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The Exalted Man

Published Date: August 17, 2016

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In the Qabalistic Tradition, the 4-letter name of God known as the Tetragrammaton represents an explanation for how the creative power of the Divine manifests in the material world. With a simple rearrangement of these 4 Hebrew letters, a design can then be created that resembles a human figure (see front cover). This transmutation between a name for the Divine and an image of humanity is called the Exalted Man and symbolizes the potential for a higher consciousness that exists within us all.
This present book entitled The Exalted Man was inspired by the passing of a friend and is a humble attempt to try and find some kind of spiritual understanding in the aftermath of such a loss.

Using the Haiku style, which is a 17-syllable Japanese poetic form, The Exalted Man is a collection of 161 mini-meditations designed to introduce the reader to a more expanded perspective on life and change, much like the example set by many monks in the Zen Tradition who, on the verge of dying, would spontaneously compose a Haiku as a lesson to their students on the transition between the known and unknown.

Author Bio

T. C. Eisele is a Professional Astrologer and Psychic Counselor practicing in New York City at Enchantments in the East Village. He is also a teacher, lecturer, and the author of two other books, Modern Magickal Keys and Liber Quantum, both available from Rebel Satori Press.

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