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Star Set Matrix

Published Date: August 17, 2016

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There are no imperatives. Nothing is forbidden. Whatever is possible is permitted. —Llee Heflin

The magical essays contained in this collection were written over a twenty year period. They center around the image of spiritual entity Set, from early Egypt through the Gnostic to the medieval Seth. Building on Llee Heflin’s groundbreaking magical experiments, the title essay brings the QBLH into the New Aeon. Each is a glimpse into the magical explorations of The Brotherhood Of Seth.

Author Bio

Sven Davisson has been a spiritual publishing rebel for over 25 years. In addition he is a photographer and visual artist. He is the founding editor of Ashé Journal of Experimental Spirituality and author of The Starry Dynamo: The Machinery of the Night Remixed. In addition to Ashé, his work has appeared in mektoub,  The New Aron, Abrasax: Journal of Magick & Decadence and The Gnostic. His short fiction has been included in the anthologies Madder Love, Wilde Stories: Best Gay Speculative Fiction 2009 and Suffering the Night. His novel Thanksgiving Desolation Portal is forthcoming in 2014.

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