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Star Bryan

Published Date: August 26, 2016

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Star Bryan, 30, handsome, lonely, lost for years in a bad romance. Newly on his own, his quest for identity takes him on a journey through his mind and his past—carved spirits in the gift department at T.J. Maxx, an old crate in his father’s attic, a long-hidden diary that casts his family on the wrong side of slavery. And the far-off glitter of a pro basketball career that never happened. He falls in love with the wrong man, then the wrong man falls for him. They’re not the same man. Both are jealous—one is dangerous.


Born into a high-profile political family, Star finds himself in a web of racial bickering in turn of the 21st Century St. Louis, where both black and white society often balk at those who can move easily between the two—and where being aggressively out of the closet can land him in trouble.


Star’s imposing body, looks and raw sexual glamour cast him in the eyes of many as a man who can get whatever he wants out of life. Taking it for himself becomes much harder than it seems.

Author Bio

Jerry Rabushka is well-known as a playwright for Brooklyn Publishers and Heuer Publishing, with dozens of scripts on the market and performances across the USA and internationally. As an actor and director, he’s produced his own work on many stages. Also a composer and songwriter, he’s produced several CDs of original music and was nominated for an Outmusic (LGBT artists) award. He’s won several writing awards and is a two-time winner of contests sponsored by the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival: for fiction with “Wasted Courage” in 2012, and for playwriting with Brushup Ten in 2010.