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Skin Deep Magic

Published Date: August 17, 2016

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Magic is more than skin-deep. It hides in the folds of a haunted quilt and illuminates the secret histories of Negro memorabilia. Magic reveals the destiny of a great storyteller and emanates from a sculpture by an obscure Harlem Renaissance artist. Magic lurks in the basement of an inner-city apartment building and flourishes in a city park. Magic is more than skin-deep; it shimmers in the ten stories in this collection.

“Craig Laurance Gidney love words… sensually, sexually, omnivorously. He streams out floods of them in his stories so that you, too, can taste their deliciousness. He wields them with abandon and precision to create little worlds that rise off the page and engulf you in snow globes of sparkling beauty and perceptiveness.” –The Fix

Author Bio

Craig Laurance Gidney is the author of the Lambda Literary Finalist collection Sea, Swallow Me & Other Stories and the novel Bereft.

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