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Silencing Orpheus

Published Date: August 26, 2016

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Orpheus has vowed never to touch a woman, play music or sing again if he can’t be with his wife. Since he cannot cross the river Styx, he has spent millennia wandering. Others are watching him, though, and waiting to balance the natural order of things. Can a boy who was almost sold into a life of sexual slavery teach this immortal to love again before it’s too late? Second book in the trilogy begun with the underground hit Stealing Ganymede.


“This story is compelling, a fiercely atmospheric, brooding piece of fiction with all the unhappiness of a dystopian graphic novel. It relies on its interesting use of mythology, some of it disturbingly unconventional. For those who don’t mind that re-interpretation and enjoy anti-heroes, Silencing Orpheus offers a gloomy but stimulating read.” —Out In Print

Author Bio

J. Warren holds a Masters degree in Literature from University of South Alabama. He is currently working on a doctorate in English Studies at Illinois State, concentrating on literature for adolescents, graphic novels and gender theory. Visit his author blog at