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Psychic Reading

Published Date: July 27, 2017

Releases August 22, 2017




Since ancient times people have sought guidance from individuals who were believed to possess special powers that made them “Psychic”. This current volume entitled Psychic Reading contains a pair of dramatic dialogues that describe what it’s like to have an authentic Psychic session.

While both of the Readings included are fictional creations, their subject matter is drawn from thousands of actual consultations that were performed by the Author during his career as a Professional Psychic and Astrologer in NYC over the last 16 years.

Conducted with a member of each sex, the Readings address issues confronting both women and men as they attempt to relate to one another in a modern world where reality can slip precariously back and forth between the virtual and the actual.

Part Dramatic Play, part Occult Teaching Manual, part Psychotherapy Session, and part Socratic Dialogue, Psychic Reading is an exploration into the nature of the relationships we have with both others and ourselves.


Author Bio

T.C. Eisele has been a Professional Psychic and Astrologer in NYC for over 17 years as well as a Writer and Author whose work has appeared in numerous magazines and Journals, including The Astrology Quarterly in London and Cosmopolitan Online. Psychic Reading is his fourth book with Rebel Satori Press. 

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