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Pop-up Book of Death

Published Date: August 26, 2016

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The Pop-Up Book of Death is a collection of vivid and startling poems from Chad Helder. These poems navigate a humorous and unsettling landscape where horror movies transgress the boundaries of the screen, sinister words strike out from books like trapdoor spiders, and true love extinguishes every apocalyptic flare-up. In this bizarre terrain haunted by the white dog, Helder offers a pastiche of childhood memory, dream journal, and surrealist fantasy, confronting the horrors of The Closet and the anxieties of The Apocalypse.

Author Bio

Chad Helder is the author of The Vampire Bridegroom, a collection of horror poems and tales, and the co-editor of Unspeakable Horror: From the Shadows of the Closet, which won the Bram Stoker Award in the anthology category. Helder also wrote the comic book miniseries, Bartholomew of the Scissors.  He lives with his partner in Portland, Oregon.  You can visit him at his website: ChadHelder.com


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