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Published Date: August 26, 2016

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Illustrations by Michael Kirwan


Here is the steamy underside of rural America, the back roads, back doors, and back rooms of a town called Groom, Pennsylvania. Secrets are sacred in a place where one’s business is everyone’s business, and the erotic stories in Backwoods bare them all. Conceived as a gay-themed erotic take on Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio, Backwoods is by turn poignant and pornographic, romantic and raunchy, tender and titillating. Literal climaxes are underpinned by an authentic observation of small-town lives, both repressed and unreserved.


The king of intergenerational porn. — Kevin Killian


It’s not very often at all that I’m reading porn and getting happily distracted by how good the sentences are and how economical the prose is. — Dennis Cooper


Natty Soltesz chronicles the sexual tensions and suppressed yearnings that smolder just beneath the surface in small town blue-collar America. Writing like the Stephen King of mansex, Soltesz perfectly captures the details and the moments that a certain breed of men—young and old alike—experience on their journey along the path to erotic transcendence. – Joe Gage


Lambda Literary Awards finalist for Best Male Erotica

Author Bios

Natty Soltesz’s stories have been published in anthologies including Best Gay Erotica 2011 and in the magazines Freshmen, Mandate, and Handjobs. He co-wrote the 2009 porn film “Dad Takes a Fishing Trip” with director Joe Gage. Since 2000 he’s published stories on his website,, and he is a faithful contributor to the Nifty Erotic Stories Archive.


Michael Kirwan was born in NYC late 1953. Kirwan began drawing around age 4-5 to create an imaginarily tolerable universal to escape the “reality” of his home life. Raised Catholic (but insultingly not molested), he survived his youthful adventures and soon found himself working at the St. Marks Bathhouse in the Village. He had his drawings published first in Stroke magazine 1985. Through the years, he has produced hundreds of illustrations and comics for “adult” magazines and displayed his work around the world, but he resides in Los Angeles. He earns a meager living selling original artwork to enlightened collectors and producing commission artwork for those who’d like their personal fantasies captured on paper. Bruno Gmunder Verlag released a collection of Kirwan’s illustrations, Just So Horny, in 2011. See the full spectrum of his Homofesto in the perverted drawings at

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