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Published Date: July 20, 2009

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This book answers the puzzling question “What kind of a God could have created a world such as this?” A very ancient and simple teaching, going back to our origins, to our essence, reveals how spiritual beings of light became so lost, so disconnected from themselves and the world around them. Awakening is a guidebook for those beings not content with the meaningless ego world of consumption, corruption, and suffering. It is a road map for those beings of light with a deep yearning to return home. To return to love, to trust, and to truth. Awakening helps to identify the ego, the source of the madness and mayhem, for if one seeks to defeat an enemy it is helpful to be able to identify it, to understand it’s strengths and weaknesses, and to know it’s Achilles heel. The place where it cannot hide, the place where a simple meditation can administer a mortal blow. This is a book about God, his beginning, his fall, and his ultimate redemption. This is a book about you.

Author Bio

Anurag Shantam began his inner journey in earnest in 1981 when he became a disciple of the master Osho. Powerfully drawn to working with the archetypes, or what are known in western psychology as the sub-personalities, he found it to be the perfect structure through which to explore the inner world. First with the use of hypnotherapy, and then with a technique he developed using toys, he explored deeper and deeeper layers of consciousness until he discovered the centers of light, the three parts of self, animating the whole drama. From this emerged his teaching of how to awaken the centers of consciousness, to restore unity, and to uncover the enlightenment already hidden within. Anurag currently lives and teaches in Saco, Maine.

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