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Rebel Satori Press is an independent publisher of books on experimental spirituality and revolutionary personal transformation. Founded in 2001, Rebel Satori has published the ground-breaking and award winning journal Ashé! Starting in 2007, the press began developing full-length works from the journal’s family of authors. The press publishes books on diverse topics ranging from Buddhist to western esotericism. In 2009, the press launched it’s first specialty imprint, since then QueerMojo has published cutting edge works of literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry for the Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered communities. QueerMojo has quickly become one of the nation’s leading GLBT publishers. Rebel and it’s imprint publish both new/experimental fiction, creative/inspirational non-fiction and inspired poetry. 

Satori (Japanese; Chinese: wù) is a Zen term for enlightenment. Literally translated, the word means “to understand.” Satori refers to deep or lasting enlightenment. According to DT Suzuki, “Satori is the raison d’etre of Zen, without which Zen is no Zen. Therefore every contrivance, disciplinary and doctrinal, is directed towards satori.” (An Introduction to Zen Buddhism, 1948) Satori can be found in every moment of life, it is wrapped in all daily activities, its goal to unwrap them to see satori.

The Zen Buddhist experience commonly recognizes enlightenment as a transitory thing in life, almost synonymous with the English term epiphany, and satori is the realization of a state of epiphanic enlightenment. Because all things are transitory according to Zen philosophy, however, the transitory nature of satori is not regarded as limiting in the way that a transitory epiphany would be in Western understandings of enlightenment.

The transitory nature of satori, as opposed to the more enduring Nirvana that is sought in the Buddhist traditions of India, owes much to Taoist influences on Chán Buddhism in China, from which Zen Buddhism of Japan evolved. Taoism is a mystical philosophy that emphasizes the purity of the moment, whereas the Hindu roots of Indian Buddhism lend a longer view toward escaping the Karmic prison of perpetual reincarnation in the material world.

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[Satori description adapted from wikipedia.org]